The Beginning

First post ever! This is super exciting! We are looking forward to exploring and creating this summer- figuring out who we are and what we want to do with our lives as creative young women. There are so many opportunities to stay creative in college on a budget with limited resources and know-how; we are just those girls to figure that out and tell you all about it!


Well Hi, I am Alex, the co-editor/creator/contributor to this blog. I love long walks on the beach…Well I do, but let me get to the real me. I am a coffee/caffeine fanatic. I have been convinced that for the next three years, they are going to be the best of my life, so I have decided to act on impulses, take chances, and try to get the biggest picture to memory I can for college. As for this summer, I will be helping document, and add fun crafts/songs/recipes that I stumble on and decided to create. So as for strolls through the park, dancing like you just don’t care, and living it up, I like those, but there is so much more, but you have to keep checking back to find out. Peace and enjoy :)


Hello blogosphere! I’m Rachel, the other co-creator/editor/writer of this wonderful artsy blog! I’m a graphic design and photography major and I love to cook, read and make art and cuddling with the cutest shih tsu in the whole world 🙂 I’m working at Mr. Food this summer as a designer/photographer and I’m totally considering the next couple of months as Rachel time, and I’m excited to share what I find with you!


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Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid.

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