Like a Boss

Tina Fey is wonderful. She’s hysterical, successful, a feminist (Woot woot!) attractive and a badass. I’m currently reading her #1 Bestseller “Bossypants” and I am crying as I read it, it’s that funny. Last night, I read a section about her teenage years with her lesbian friends that she made at theatre summer camp. Needless to say, I am not even halfway done with it and it is already topping my charts. Either that, or it’s the fact that it’s written Tina Fey! (But, Tina, really? The cover is hideous. Let’s work on this a little bit.)

I love women who take charge and demand respect while still achieving that kind of grace that Tina has. No need to overcompensate, Tina Fey is just it. My personal feminism has taken root from these types of women; my mother is numbah one.

I highly reccomend picking up a copy of this, I found mine at Costco for half the price but B&N is offering it for $14.95 online, too! My mother actually bought it for me, she has always said that she would never say no to books, church or fruit. What a riot…
Check out the NY Times’ Review of ‘Bossypants’


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Author:Rachel Johnson

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