Prom Queen Shrom Queen

The Most Overrated Night of Your Life

Tonight was the grand extravaganza! The paramount of senior year! The most important night of your life because you can always get married more than once! (Credit to Quinn on Glee for that one)

My sister, Emily, went to Prom as a junior with her boyfriend and it was quite the event. Mani-pedi, eyebrows, dress, shoes, hair, makeup, jewelry… the whole shabang. She looked beautiful and was quite nervous, doe- eyed in the midst of all of the seniors taking picture after picture. Here’s some shots of her!

It has been a year since my own prom, and it got me thinking about my own night. Here’s a couple of things I learned that I wish I knew before going into it:

  1. Calm Down. Everybody thinks they look like hot shit and nobody really cares if your toenails aren’t painted the perfect shade of chartreuse. Look good for you, because you want to feel great and lovely and grown up; not because Cindy Loo Hoo has her deep V cut down to her bellybutton and all eyes are on her. You know you look like hot shit, so don’t be so worried about that Curl A isn’t in it’s proper place. It’s all going to fall away listening to Akon’s ‘Smack That’ anyway.
  2. Tell your mother thank you. My mother isn’t into the whole glam thing, she’s quite conservative and not into the makeup and hair and etc. Her way of caring was getting all excited going through her mother’s jewelry and handbags; I still wish I had worn a pair of those earrings instead of the rhinestones I bought for $14.89.
  3. Do as you please. Prom is a celebration, the end of an era. Let your hair down a little bit, I wish I had. I mean, I actually let my hair down and gained about 47 bobby pins but you know what I mean 🙂

Have fun. Be safe. Honestly, I’m slightly jealous I can’t redo the mistakes I made a year ago. Plus, my dress was so perfect 🙂


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Author:Rachel Johnson

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