Who Really Knows Victoria’s Secret?

So today after being dragged along with my parents for a few hours going from errand to errand we (my mother and I) dropped off my father… (finally!!) As she promised (my mother), we were off to purchase my very first Victoria’s Secret bra! What a day for a young college girl growing into herself. Now I want to keep this to PG but heck, this is my very first super soft, pushing up, conforming to my body bra! I could not have been more excited. Now today I was in for it. I tried on the Bio-fit push up bra, which at first my reaction was “HOLY SHIT, I look damn hott!” But the thing was, I didn’t need something to perfect and manipulate my boosums, I just wanted something that fit correctly and comfortably with showing them off in the best way possible. No alterations! I am no fake.  All nat-ur-allllll baby! So, I went with the demi-cup regular fit. And golly-gee  my boosums look fabulous, and I began to love them more <333

So this is the Bra design I went with. Beautiful, isn’t it? Supah Sexyyyy too!

Gosh, I loved it so much, I danced for about forty minutes in it.

Moral of the Story: SPLURGE sometimes on yourself, make your day, make your insides feel happy, and do a dance for joy. How could something so simple, make me feel so GREAT!? So, yes is the 42.50 worth is, all the way. Well.. thanks mama! You actually made my day.


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One Comment on “Who Really Knows Victoria’s Secret?”

  1. Rachel
    May 15, 2011 at 1:41 am #

    Gotta love them boobiez!

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