On a Rainy Day…

So, what happens when all you lovers are separated for the summer? For me, I feel as though it will only be 4 months and I can tough it out. I can be strong. I don’t need the constant attention. No way, because I am an Independent girl, and can handle the separation. This summer is putting me to the test and yet slowly driving me nuts. One of my first serious relationships, and yet I felt as though I would not be going bonkers. I could easily handle the break, take a breather.

Listen to great upbeat music!

Keep a very open communication, you can’t say well he didn’t text me (which I so often fall to as my excuse *tsk tsk* on my part)- Talk about what bothers you, text them if you need to. And if the person you are involved with is feels bombarded by too much attention/need of attention then they will let you know. You have to be open.

Talk with your girlfriends. So often when you are living in the same city as your lover/boyfriend/girlfriend you tend to let your friends come second (even if you contest otherwise), but take this time apart from your sweetie to build a better bond/friendship with those you care about or let fall to the wayside. They will appreciate the effort and understand the next time if you have to/want to bail on minor plans because you want that extra alone time. 😉

Spend time with family. This is the summer, and whether you are home with family, out getting a job, interning or whatever, make time for your family. In most cases, now that you are at home and not at college they want to spend the little time they have left with you. Who knows, maybe you finally hear about their crazy college stories, their fond memories of you growing up, or you will make new ones to think back on when you are back at school.

Stay busy. If you are in a long distance relationship, staying busy is the best thing for you. If you have too much downtime you might speculate and conjure different ideas in your head, that aren’t true and just figments of your imagination. You don’t want to accuse anyone of anything, just because you are crazy.

Stay positive, and try to make plans to see them. 4 months is a very long time, but if you are busy and realize that you can do this, you will make it through. I hope this helps, as it helps me to write it. Don’t worry, be happy. 🙂


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