QUICK! Fun Facts, Fun Things, Whatever I feel like telling you today!

So quick: Bad-a** techno/dubstep/gangsta ride to song- Wildstyle by Bassnecter CHECK IT OUT….NOW!

Hair tips: Do you dye your hair, is it dry because you live in a non-humid area, or just dry from birth- well I have a quick tip! Once a week put conditioner in your hair (not wet), wrap it up in a towel for 30 minutes and wash out. Do this for about 1-2 months and you will see a difference!! Silkier, smoother hair!

You want more volume in your hair? Need some extra “UMF” try blow-drying your hair upside down. This seems to move your hair at the roots more upward (instead of down- the regular way your dry your hair) it tends to give it some more volume.

Hate the nasty, stale, knock-on-wood feeling of hair spray? Well instead of plastering it on in heavy amounts, try lightly spraying and combing through, orrrrrrrrr spay onto round brush (hair spray) and brush through the parts of your hair you want to stay in place. It helps keep the spray feeling light on your hair, while still doing its job.

More Music- if you are into the dubstep/electro/fun music! Then my best advice where I feel you can do no wrong is any Skrillex song. Just very upbeat, dance-y, and different. I cannot seem to get enough.

(Left Skrillex, Below my new Haircut!)


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