Time for a Trip!


It seems that every summer we all (kids, teachers, adults, ect) get excited for the days off, the free time, swimming, beach, park days, and doing frankly whatever we want! On the down side, after two to three weeks of the same ol’ routine it begins to get old. My question is why don’t you shake it up while you still have time? For all those of you looking to make a trip, here are some ideas.

First off I will make the suggestion of music festivals-

Lollapalooza 2011

August 5th in Chicago Illinois

Ticket Price $215 for three day pass or $90 for a single

Click Here for More Info!

The Dave Matthews Caravan

Atlantic City, NY June 24th-26th

Chicago, IL July 8th-10th

Governor’s Island, New York, New York August 26th-28th

The Gorge, George, WA September 2nd-4th

Click Here for More Info!

Phish Super Ball IX


Watkins Glen, NY  July 1st-3rd

Click Here for Tickets!

Camp Bisco

Mariaville, NY July 7th-9th

Click Here for More Info!

And There are many more across the country, these are just a few.

For other summer activities, go to a theme park:

  • Busch Gardens- Tampa, FL- Williamsburg, VA
  • Disney-  Orlando-Los Angles
  • Island’s Of Adventure – Orlando
  • Ceder Point- Ohio
  • Paramount’s Carowinds- North Carolina
  • Hersey Park- Pennsylvania

If you cannot make a road trip with that sort of expense, check out your local concert centers and see what performers are coming to your town, also take a walk on the wild side. Go out on a airboat ride exploring the everglades, go kayak on a lake, or canoe down a river, hike through a forest, or evennnnn take a bikeride down to town or the beach.

If you need any trails or are looking for fun things to do, check out your local Chamber of Commerce. :]


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