Okay, Okay, Okay! I admit I have been shirking my duties and have yet to update you on my latest of experiences.

Beginning on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 I was on the grounds of Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN. I was there early because I took advantage of going to this festival for free by volunteering with the WET (work exchange team). My assigned position was Toll Booths, and honestly all I had to do for 16 hours (two days worth) was sit and put on wrist bands, scan them in, and sometimes scan parking passes. Possibly one of the easiest things I have done for $275 worth.

From Thursday afternoon-Sunday night was when I was able to attend the festival. Let me tell you, I was not prepared to the extent I had to be. The farm you stay on is honestly a huge dust infestation. Whenever a car drives, or a foot stomps there is dust flying. I must have breathed in about 2 pounds worth of dust and swallowed around the same amount. Even after brushing my teeth, I still felt a grit of dust in my mouth. Gross right. But, why am I talking about the negative… BEST part is the bands.

The artist I happened to stumble upon…

Bela Fleck, NOFX, Florance + the Machine, Bassnectar, Arcade Fire, Widespread Panic, The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield, String Cheese Incident, Mumford and Sons, The Stokes, Primus, Iron and Wine, Pretty Lights, Civil Twilight, STS9, G-Love & Special Sauce, Gregg Allman, Wiz Khalifa, Sleigh Bells, Band of Skulls, Shpongle & the shpongletron.

And the sad part is, that wasn’t all of the best people there. Each experience was nothing like anything I have witnessed before. My favorite show must have been The String Cheese Incident, because I happened to be in the crowd when there was an Incident. 40 massive white balloons to be bobbed through the crowd, a massive Godzilla floating through, a man in a moth suit and 20 + balloons to keep him afloat spreading confetti over the crowd and don’t forget his torch,  and also a man in a green light up suit with a jetpack exploding above the stage and back down. Please can you tell me when you have ever seen something like that happen at a concert?

Primus had massive inflatable spacemen for their viewers pleasure. I don’t think I can even give this band the credit it deserves as it was mindblowing. You should look up them on youtube if only to try to grasp a mere understanding of their framework. Les Claypool, Ler , and Jay all just kill their sets. Creating a trippy rock vibe to dance and bob your head too. Check out Jerry was a Race Car Driver.

Arcade fire made me have goosebumps, but they were put on mainstage for a reason.

The night shows that absolutely killed it were Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and STS9 going all the way until day break at 7 in the morning. That is when you know someone is really putting on a show. Each of these tents looked like their own party, neon lights flying everyone, lights flicking so much it could give them an epileptic panic attack, and people raging so hard they had to be on drugs. The place was beyond memorable.


Soon I will get my pictures developed and try to share visually some of these memories. My best advice though, is to go to a music festival at least once in your life, and not a small one, a big well known music festival. Tag along with someone who knows a thing or two about music, because you want to go to the shows of people you have never heard of and basically have your mind blown and be able to walk away feeling like you will never have the same experience twice.

Soon I will make a post of useful things to bring on a trip like this.




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