A Quick Political Blurb

With all the discussions about raising our national debt, and talks of social security being cut; I have suddenly become very awakened for what we are in for, for the next year and four months. We are slowly approaching another Presidential Election and as a citizen who can finally Vote, I would like us all to start becoming aware of the other opponents that want to bring something different to the table. As the next generation of young adults we need to be fully aware of these Political leaders and also be informed of the decisions (for the better/or the worse for our country) that our President has made. I am not here to direct you in any which way, that is the beauty of America! I just believe that we (as the younger Americans-first time voters as well) should take pride in this opportunity, and take pride in knowledge. We should all take the 20 minutes out of our day and read up on potential future leaders of our country.

So Check out here and read up on these insane, influential, most likely some-what crooked in one way or another candidates for the future Presidency of The United States of America! AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR FUTURE! 😀


Categories: The Real World

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