Brown Baggin’ It

This week, my Blog Heroes, Cara and Phoebe from Big Girls Small Kitchen, challenged their followers to tell their ‘Brown Bag’ stories, the ‘SKC and BuiltNY Brown Bag Challenge‘. Working at Mr. Food this summer, there has been no shortage of interesting lunches. I understand that not all have the luxury of a ful-fledged test kitchen with condiments galore on hand and a couple of microwaves to use, but I wanted to show you my lunch experience.

Having access to lots of food all of the time is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, I limit the amount of times I go back in the kitchen because 90% of the time, there is something to nibble on. A high calorie something nonetheless. Every day, lunch hour is filled with conversation about food, husbands/babies and alcohol (not exactly, but it seems like it). Patty, our test kitchen director, puts out leftover desserts that we have recently tested for us to ‘get rid of’ and I just have to limit myself! On taping days, when we record a couple of shows that have a recipe per show, I don’t even bring a lunch! There is an abundance of food.


Today, I knew there would be leftovers and today, I decided that I was not going to cave! I think a way to make lunch more interesting is to make it while you eat it. Bringing pre-packaged or pre-mixed, ready-to-go stuff is good, but I find that making it all at lunchtime makes for a much more satisfying lunch. I understand that not all brown-baggers have the means, but I challenge you to give it a try! I think lunch that way is much more satisfying and filling, since it takes me longer to eat. Today, I brought in two hard boiled eggs and added some mayo and mustard for a simple egg salad. Some veggies, some pita chips and wa-la! A protein-packed lunch so maybe I can treat myself to a burrito with friends later tonight.

And I’ll keep talking about it (like I did in this blog post!) but fruit plus plain greek yogurt plus honey makes for a delicious dessert and helps me stay away from these puppies- Drop-In Ice Cream Sandwiches. Curse you, oreo goodness!

Special Shout Out to Big Girls Small Kitchen! You are the best and were the first to inspire me to blog! Keep on posting wonderful goodies that I enjoy all of the time.


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Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid.

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2 Comments on “Brown Baggin’ It”

  1. July 24, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    Just found your blog on the foodie blog roll.

    Each of your posts is great and original. I’m heading off to college in a year, and this blog makes it seem like a lot of fun.

    I’m looking to see more posts from you!

    • Rachel
      July 24, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

      Thanks Peanutbutterlover! Means a lot to have you comment ❤ College is a super exciting and be sure to check back, we will have plenty of things to help you out!

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