My Herbal Love Affair

There is nothing I love more than fresh herbs. For cooking, that is. I have an obsession with freshly- picked basil with anything: on top of a caprese salad or blended into a smooth pesto.

I bought this basil plant while at the Boy’s Farmers Market in Delray Beach today. I plan on watching it grow and maybe it will make the trip with me up to school. My mom has a green thumb, but I feel like we have bought numerous basil plants that never seem to make it.

Have you always been interested in starting an herb garden? Here are my suggestions:

1. Start small – Don’t overwhelm yourself with so many plants. I would start off with one plant that you would like to have and then expand your garden to include other herbs like rosemary or thyme.

2. Think about location – If you live in a sweltering area like the hell hole that is South Florida that I live in, you may want to consider leaving your plants inside until it gets cooler (Oh wait, it never gets cool here -_-). You might want to start your plants small inside and then move them outside when they are bigger and can better take care of themselves. I think it’s an adorable idea to set them across a windowsill in your kitchen, where they can get proper sunshine but the benefits of being inside.

3. Save for Later – As your plants mature and you may find yourself with an abundance of dill and no way to use it all. Instead of letting it all go bad, try chopping them up and placing them into ice cube trays. Cover with water and let freeze to put in soups during the winter months when fresh herbs are not as abundant.

I subscribed to Real Simple and am obsessed with it. One day, you will see my name under ‘Editor at Large’. Or is that just Vogue? Anyway… they had a Real Simple Tips section where they had six clever uses for ice cubes and thought this one was great. Place ice cubes on top of the soil so the water melts gradually instead of pouring straight through and soaking it and having to let it sit in the sink until it stops dripping. You might have to refresh the ice cubes a couple of times to make sure that the plant gets watered enough, but I think it’s a lovely idea.


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Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid.

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