Want to Experience Something Really Dirty?

After a weekend like this, you will be craving a shower. Camp Bisco X, was out of the three festivals I have been to so far, the dirtiest. If you weren’t raging in the mud, losing your flip flops walking, or covered with sweat, you weren’t experiencing this festival.

Being the third festival I have been to, I feel as though all people need to have the experience of this. A music festival is not only a concert, it is an entirely new world. There are creatures from the dark, many new people who will be your best friend for the day, and wacky vendors looking to empty your pockets and give you a good time. The most profound thing however is the ability to gather 50,000 people in one area, all feeling the same emotions, and having the biggest party of their lives. Walking away from a music festival, you will be changed forever. It is period of time where you are exposed to amazing shows, killer volumes of emotion through wavelengths, and the connection through thousands of people who all belong in the same place and are searching for the same thing as you-drugs… Just kidding, happiness. Above all, I have learned from attending a few of them, is that you search in life to live for the moments, and not just for a day. My life has become about living to my full potential, better myself, and trying to attain maximum enjoyment out of every opportunity that is given to me; and frankly that is the most beautiful epiphany that I have come to realize.

Looking back to Camp Bisco X- this years lineup was undeniably incredible. A few that I experienced and loved were, Shpongle Live, Skrillex, MSTRKFT, Nero, Neon Indians, Lotus, Bassnectar, Borgore,  Disco Biscuits, and RATATAT. There were several others that I attended, but it was more of a chill hang out and chatting at the time.

Shpongle Live- What a lively experience, during the entire weekend this was the only show that it rained during, and I couldn’t have been happier. I recently saw Simon preform live on his Shpongletron, yet the addition of trippy old man Raja Ram plus the 6 or so other instrumental artist was incredible. Psychedelic-Jungle induced-trippy-electro is how I would describe how I felt listening to Shpongle.

Skrillex, Nero, MSTRKRFT, and Bassnectar- were simply raging, neon glow sticks, insane dub. Everyone was going out of their minds when these artists performed. They each played favorites, and also broke out some of their new music they are working on as well, and honestly the crowed loved it and craved more. For Skrillex, Nero, and MSTRKRFT we were all inside a muddy, slipper, wet tent that made dancing/crumping/raging much more intensified and amplified version of their shows. That was when we all got so down and dirty. ;)

Some of the performanced that took me by surprise were: Disco Biscuits, Neon Indians, and RATATAT. I understand that the this was the Disco Biscuit’s Camp, but I was only vaguely informed on their music and the schedule said they would be performing about 6 sets, and I caught about 4 of them because I enjoyed it so much. The music is jam-bandy but they interacted with the crowd so well, and just really played great music. I was up and dancing, waving my hands around, and the best part was there was a GIGANTIC inflatable ball with someone in side of it crowd surfing- hilarious! Imagine a girl inside a huge round beach ball basically, and being flipped all over trying to stand up while also not falling out of the hole in which she could plummet into a face plant on the muddy ground. Priceless.

Then there was the Neon Indians- these guys were fantastic. I would encourage anyone to go and see them live in concert, out of all the people I didn’t know going into this thing, they were my favorite, also the only band that came on for encores and a double one at that! The lead singer was kind of mute- or mumbly I suppose, but the lyrics were great, and he used what I believe is called a synthesizer. And with a song- I should have taken Acid with you, it is a band you just don’t want to miss.

Last but certainly  not least, my favorite show of the entire summer- ladies and gents puts your hands together for the utterly mind-blowing performers RATATAT. Mike and Evan were two buddies in college at Skidmore (right where I grew up) and moved to Brooklyn to start making/producing music together. This show was filled with incredible visuals, flashy lights, great projectors (holograms) and just muscle wrenching, foot-stomping, arms dancing music. I was blown a w a y, by these two guys. They played guitar, bass, drums, piano, and what seemed to be an electronic harp. I could almost cry, that is how much their music moved me. Wildcat, Loudpipes, Lex, Nostrand, any of them, in fact all of them did not disappoint. These guys BROUGHT IT.  Also in a side note- this is where I made some of the most incredible of people Kitty from Paris, along with Mac & Bec from New York City.

Was the mud, rain, and creepy drug sketchballs worth it? Hell yes, one million times over. Please if anything you take from reading this- go to a festival. You don’t even need to plan anything- just decide with a group of friends, your best friend, or your sibling/family member, on a whim and just go, JUST GO. Experience life, feel on top of the world, and enjoy a party for 3 days, I promise you, you won’t regret it for your life. In life you don’t remember days, you remember moments- this was a moment. ❤


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