Pennies to Paprika

In preparation for moving into my own house in a mere 25 days, I have been gathering items over the summer. Scouting the sales and the multiple trips to Ikea have accumulated stuff in my closet and have almost taken over. You could say that I am more or less excited about the move, given that my room’s color scheme is already picked out and I have to restrain myself from going to Crate & Barrel sales. It’s kind of a problem.

Kitchen things, on the other hand, I want to say are sort of a different story. That might be the crazy talking, though. I am trying to get as much stuff as I can without spending too much, emulating the resources I have in my mom’s kitchen.

So, I started taking down a list of things that I might need. It’s like a pair of scissors; you don’t really know you need them until there is an itchy tag on your new shirt that you just have to get rid of. One of the items on this list was spices. When you go to Walmart or anything, a jar of dried oregano can cost you $4.00! Multiply that by 10 ‘essential’ spices and I’ve racked myself up quite a bill.

My wonderful friend Wendy in Pennsylvania went to the Oregon Dairy for me where they sell spices in bulk and she sent me a box with everything from Bay Leaves to Paprika, Cream of Tartar to Cayenne and for cheap! Each container cost less than half of what it would cost in a glass bottle = makes for a happy college girl.

What to take away from this post: use your resources! If you know someone who has access to products in bulk or a friend who has a Costco card or anything that might save you some money, write a blog in thanks and/or bake them a cake! I would send you a cake, Wendy, but it might get squished via ground shipping and I’m not sure how flat cheesecake would taste.

Thanks again Wendy, you are the best!




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Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid.

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