The Only Reason to Eat Ramen Noodles

I know that I have not been posting recipes lately, but I promise I have good reason! My best friend spent the past week with me and I have been feeling awful the past three days.

I don’t do well being sick, I try to fight it and keep moving as fast as I normally do so I make it worse. I skipped out on work yesterday and this morning I felt okay. I sucked it up and went off to work and then, mid-project, I realized it was taking me three times as long to get it done because I was feeling so awful.

So for the better of everyone in the office, I went home. I fell on the couch and cuddled with my dog and the Food Network. The best medicine!

I felt so bad that I asked my sister to make me Ramen. Ramen! Let’s just talk about how I consumed 600 mg of sodium. What. But it did make me feel a bit better! I would totally go up and make some chicken soup myself, but I couldn’t! I guess I’ll have to make it and freeze for the all of two times a year I get really sick.

Ramen is cheap, yes, and ramen is easy but how much sodium it contains just isn’t reasonable. Save it for sick days and a Chinese Cole Slaw Salad, where is only really belongs.




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Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid.

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