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There is something to be said about a person who can sit down and write a personalized letter/thank you. Today our world has become very tech-savvy and we have just about gotten rid of our essential roots. With Post Offices not being a government job anymore, people sending emails for thank-yous, or heck forget about email, just using facebook or a text messages suffices now. I feel that it is important to always go back to what always worked before, a letter.

A few days I ago I announced that I would send a letter to anyone who would send me their address. I received five addresses and sat down and got to work. I feel that the letters will make the person feel special because 1) Who ever gets that great of mail these days- only advertisements and bills; 2) I took the time to write to them, 3) Who is the last person to send them a letter?

I made some of them completely wack-0 and some of them plain and simply; nevertheless I enjoyed giving a bit of my time to them, and making the letters. Hopefully it will arrive and make that person’s day, or just give them a smile.


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