Need to Feel New? Go for a Change!

I feel as though everyone goes through their slumps. This summer has been a real eye opener to my life. I have had a sufficient amount of time to think about my friends, family, and other relationships, and have gotten to know ME. There have been some nights where I am frustrated, some days when I am bouncing off the walls with joy, and of course a few trips of incredible music. Through this entire summer however, I have realize that I have changed, and slowly I am allowing the new me to emerge.

My big move to inspire and continue to becoming into my own was a dramatic hair cut. That is right, I believe it was about 5-6 inches of beautiful brunette locks that fell to the floor. I wanted to feel free and stop using my hair as the reason to feel attractive. I cannot tell you how fun and sexy I feel with a chopped up messy bob! Now, I am not encouraging everyone to go and cut those long summer strands, but I would suggest that everyone look to maybe change a little something in their life to freshen it up, and get ready for the upcoming school, semester, or season!


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