College Must Haves: Wants and Needs

When making the great transition into college there is an overwhelming feeling of needing “stuff.” Some items are dire to your survival, while other items can be useful but are not must haves. A few of these items were purchased after learning the hard-way when I realized I was seriously missing comfort in my life.

Pack These First:

1) Mattress Pad

The one thing college students seem to skip the most is sleep, so when we manage to catch those few hours of Z’s, a mattress pad on a dorm bed is your best bet to a solid night’s rest with no tossing or turning. Sleep is so essential, so if it one thing no one told me about, get a bed mat- a comforter for your body and some extra cushion of support.


2) Damprid

Many of the dorms at campuses have been there over 30 or more years, and yes, where most have been renovated, mold, moisture, and the feeling of clammy damp walls still persist. I would tell anyone that Damprid saved me my Spring Semester from becoming super sick every 2 weeks, as I saw so many of my friends become. Don’t be cheap, save your visits to the clinic, get some Damprid!

           * If you are going to opt out of the Damprid, then make sure to stock up on the meds- as you will need them desperately.

3) Decorations!
Nothing makes you feel more at home than cute flowers, funky posters, and great DIY crafts to decorate a room. Think of all the time you will study, sleep, or party in your place… Now add splashes of color to warm it up, a white board to your door for messages, and anything you find that will spice up your room and give it some flare! Most of my friends added their school colors, posters, pom poms, or french fry-like team spirit sticks to their rooms as well. Go crazy! From personal experience, the room that looks like the most fun, usually has the most fun and people in it, so don’t keep your walls white and bare, show who you are.

The Advertisements Lie To You:

1. Microwave
There are some things in college you need, but these few times are things that you can always from a friend, or in the common room of your dorm. A microwave was provided on every floor in my dorm, and yet we still had one in my room. Yes, it was convenient to have one in my own room, and my roommate and I frequently used it, it was a $40 purchase that was not especially needed.

2. Television
Where my roommate and I did share a television for one month, we found it more of a loss of money, rather than a gain of entertainment. Each month the bill was going to be $40 just to have cable television broadcasting in our room. We opted out after the first month. Any show that I had a supreme addiction to, I just followed on Netflix,Hulu, or some other online television station. (Hulu Plus will give you a free month if you register with a student email!)

3. Printer
A printer is another investment that you can do with or without. It was handy to have in the room for last minute paper edits, but you can do without the purchase and print in the library, at the free printing computer rooms at campus, or borrow a friend’s. My roommate also had one, so we had two printers taking up a large amount of space in our tiny 10 x 10 dorm room. :/





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