Hats, Horsies, and Hundreds

Can you say hello to the money? Well not always, but the Saratoga Race Track is a fun way to spend money, dress up, and sometimes make a buck or two while you are there.

Today, on any other average Sunday, my parents wanted to find some means of entertainment as it is the only day all four of us (mom, dad, brother, and myself) are all home to spend some bonding time with. We mostly bond over cooking and sitting around talking, we decided to take the day trip up to the freshly seasoned Horse Track. Now you must realize that being at the Track is a place for all kinds, but you seem to find more of the rich hoity toity fellow there. Picture this, women with all sorts of colored hats, four inch toe stompers strutting around for several hours, and of course men in suit, button down Ralph Lauren, tailored jacket, and thick wallets all for the betting of Beautiful Risk, Palooza, and other great horses. The event is actually quite fun. A place to get a bit of sun, see everyone race to watch the race, and the thrill of winning two bucks on your original bet is a good lot of fun.

My advice to you, if you do live in an area with a bit of horse racing fun, you might as well take one or two days out of summer to experience it. They walk the horsed down so you can see them, some jockies sign autographs, and the thrill itself with your family can be good fun, and also a good topic to jest about. Because honestly, you can either win it, or lose it all, it just depends on the day.



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