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Our educational system is going down the hole. This is a quick blurb of proof. We now see our country to only take standardized tests to see how we rank against our other competitors in the world. The scores of these tests can be the determining factor of a person’s job, or salary depending on how well the students score. However, now teachers are/will be facing charges for either helping/cheating students on these exams. You put fear into anyone, and they will do wrong.

Check out this quick article on the Consumerist, on how it has already started (or just has been recently been found out about).

-I think that a teacher needs to teach at school, but it is also the follow up of the students in free time, and also the family (parents, grandparents, guardians) to make sure that their children are getting help, along with completing their tasks.

-Also, what ever happened to learning practical skills at school? Why do we only go to PE? (obesity, yes.) Nevertheless, why don’t we have woodworking classes, sewing, cooking is still offered in some schools (but can we please do more than bake a cake, cookies, or simple projects?) Teach them how to make an easy dinner, if you go dessert teach them how to use fondant on a cake to decorate. I wish our school system put more life skills into the student’s academic structure.

As a college student, a young- naive, who also has many ideas for change; my reasons behind this post is to say be passionate, if you have questions ask them, if you are upset with a topic or a subject in your world, put it out there on the social networks, spam it to your friends! We should all be asking questions, we should be searching for answers, we should be progressive. So, do you think this is right (this- being our school system and how it has driven teachers to cheat (teachers cheat and not students! how funny!))

Passionately, Alex


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