Late Night Snack at 10:00

Living on a college campus, I’ve realized that when I go to the mall or Walmart or anything like that, there are so many kids. Everywhere. The only kids I actually enjoy being around are the Cowan kids in Georgia and I can’t even say that when they are screaming :). I used to live in North Georgia, in Dalton, and we had these super cool neighbors. Rob and Julie, my unofficial second parents, have Max (5) and Sadie (10) and I volunteered to spend the weekend with them while Rob runs in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! Go Rob!

They think I am super cool because I am letting them watch Disney Channel until 10:00 (Don’t tell Mom and Dad!) and as much as I enjoy endless Wizards of Waverly place, Selena Gomez can get a little much after awhile. They don’t have school tomorrow so we can break the rules a bit 🙂

I know that there is a Cowan-approved TV-watching snack and thought it would be great as a reward for the kids being good for me (so far)- Popcorn & M&M’s. You don’t have to use Movie-Theatre, butter-soaked nonsense and barely a handful of candies avoids the sugar rush when you’re ready for them to just pass out.

And for College students, too! Looking for a great late night snack that you won’t feel guilty about? Try a white popcorn- light salt and no butter and pair it with a handful of your favorite chocolate candies. 

Happy late night snacking! Even though 10:00 is like the afternoon to a college student…


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Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid.

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