Breakfast for Dinner How To: The Perfect Pancake

So I know that the category is breakfast but it is currently 6:00PM and these babies just got in mah belly. Breakfast ain’t just for the wee morning hours- I craved me some comfort food and while surfing the net for recipe ideas, pancakes became the object of my craving. Light, airy, buttery… they are so perfect.

Pancakes, however, can be a toughie. Even to a somewhat seasoned cook, burning pancakes is an easy thing. Look below for some easy tips and tricks to get those perfect golden fluffies.

Get the Pan Ready. Get a large, nonstick saucepan and put it on just a little more than medium. I would call this medium-high but it’s not quite as hot. Melt a slice of butter in the pan and turn the pan to coat the entire bottom of it.

Drop it Like it’s Hot. Mix the batter (just use a box, don’t worry about making them from scratch, it’s not all that worth it- Aunt Jemima perfected it for you) in a measuring cup with a groove. Make sure the batter isn’t runny (but isn’t clumpy and gross) and pour it about 5 inches from the pan.

Trial Run. This pancake will not be perfect. It’s the trial run. If it burns, turn down your heat, if it doesn’t cook, turn it up! This will determine how the rest of your pancakes will cook so you don’t have to get it exactly right.

The Flip Side. Pour the batter and then bubbles will start to form. Let larger bubbles form and then flip it! (This can get to be sort of an art- depending on how brown you like them- the more bubbles, the toastier it is) You can sneak a peek at the underside, but if the pancake is no longer sticking to the pan, it should be fine. When you flip it, the pancake should lift as it cooks. It’s ready after only a few minutes and when it slides around freely, it’s ready for the plate!




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Author:Rachel Johnson

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