New Orleans 2012: The Fantastic Food Tour

Tallahassee, Florida is one of the most boring cities in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to school here, but it is not the place to spend the rest of your life. Stuck here for the summer, there’s only a few regular places you can visit, a few things you can do at home with friends and the heat, man, the heat. It is killer. So naturally, we decide to visit a Southern hotspot even more humid than North Florida: New Orleans.

So these four lovey ladyfriends of mine (Left to right: Stephanie, laura, Katie, Isabel and Me!) took the 5 1/2 hour trip through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to the grand ol’ city of New Orleans! We stayed at the India House Hostel (Which I give an A+ to!)  and explored all over the French Quarter and beyond! Take a look at all the delicious food we ate and you can see the rest of my pictures here!

The Magnolia Grill was our first dinner pick. Right next to the market, this restaurant definitely welcomed us well into the city of New Orleans. Very hungry and defeated from a downpoured Bourbon street (during the day, it is quite the sight), we indulged ourselves in our first glasses of sweet tea and a pick from the very New Orleans menu. I had the Fried Redfish paired with Jambalaya, a wonderfully warming and flavorful dish. Not the prettiest dish, but a great introduction into our food adventure!

We woke up the next morning different people. The night before, we came back to Bourbon Street and our opinions renewed. I can’ tell you all of it, but I can tell you that it made our next meal taste like heaven! How about a world-famous Muffuletta to kill a hangover for you?

I’m not into olives. Or salami. Or ham. But it’s New Orleans and you’ve just got to try the famous Muffuletta and boy did it change me forever. I must have swallowed that slice of crusty, sesame-seed dusted bread sandwiching provolone cheese, salami, ham and nestling that delightfully tangy olive salad that just makes you dance a little in your seat next to the Mississippi riverfront.

So after that experience, we wandered around the market, bought ourselves a praline and a voodoo doll or two and headed back to the hostel for naps before dinnertime. My second family is in Dalton, GA and Rob, my second father, went to Tulane for school so he gave me all the in’s and out’s. He suggested this gem:

Frankie and Jonny’s, which had the best bowl of molten okra, shrimp, and other cajun goodies that we could imagine. We were not prepared for such heat, but we did pair it with a couple jugs of sweet tea and their famous Stuffed Artichoke! Also, this was the cheapest place we ate at all weekend, we each paid maybe $12 for our entire meal, including splitting that appetizer. A great deal for all you college- budget people!

Our last stop before we reluctantly piled back in the car and left (We considered quitting school and becoming Voodoo Queens for, like, a second) was ‘The Praline Connection’ on Frenchman Street.

We didn’t even notice the torrential downpour outside while we feasted on Fried Chicken, greens, cornbread and mac n’ cheese. I don’t know if I have words for this meal, it might ruin how sacred it was! I don’t remember any conversation during that meal that didn’t involve how juicy and tender the dark meat chicken was or how perfectly those greens were seasoned.

So Thank You, New Orleans for showing a couple of Seminoles an amazing time. We hope to see you back soon!


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Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid.

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