A Post About a Sandwich – The Oakwood: Dalton, GA

I don’t eat bacon. I’m not a huge fan of the flavor, I’m not into chewing on meat in the mornings, and I know how everyone adores those crispy, fatty, savory sticks but I can’t subscribe to it. This sandwich, however. This sandwich. This sandwich is handcrafted in Dalton, Georgia at the Oakwood in downtown. It is a fried green tomato BLT, I mean come on. Buttery, thickly-sliced honey white loaf hugging crisp lettuce and one beautifully battered green tomato. Then, that bacon. Those thick and peppery ribbons of porky goodness allowed the sweet tea/nectar of the gods to go down even smoother.

I never considered myself being partial to Southern Food but damn when you put this puppy in front of me, you could probably make me to believe just about anything. Especially when paired with corn casserole. Or baked onion rings. Or smashed potatoes…


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Categories: Lunch, Travel

Author:Rachel Johnson

Writer/Photographer/Food Person Stupid Good: When food is so simple and delicious, it's just stupid. www.stupidgoodrachel.com

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