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Pretty Pumpkin Bread

I hate that I’m obsessed with pumpkin. Actually, I will not apologize for my craze because of this delicious, delightful, spicy, melt in your mouth bread. It’s for sure more like a cake but I’m going to call it bread so that you don’t feel too bad about calling it a cake, stigmas come with […]

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Chicken Chili for the Chilly Weather

The weather in Tallahassee is finally turning and I am consuming everything pumpkin, getting excited about fall-smelling candles, and opening the windows to let the cool breeze do werk. I know I haven’t posted in a while and for those followers who were at the FSPA conference that I told should look to blog every other […]

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Fall in a Muffin Tin

Growing up, my family had only ever made their own pie crust or pizza dough or other baked goods. Today, I have discovered the wonderland that is Pillsbury pre-made dough. I bought a bag of frozen biscuits the other day and it was one of the best decisions I have made since buying Cinnamon Raisin […]

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