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Amanda Bynes’ Birthday: Raspberry Cheesecake

I have this roommate, Isabella Amanda, and she really sucks. She sucks so much I made her this perfect cheesecake for her birthday. And then ate it in front of her. It was awesome. The secret to this cake is to make sure all of the ingredients are at room temperature and leave it alone. If […]

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Party Like it’s 1921: Brittany’s Kahlua Birthday Cake

Birthdays are a big deal to me and my friends- the dinners are always delicious, the cakes delightful and the parties wonderfully themed! Anybody can have a get together, but for our group, we like to give them a general idea- Superheros to drag queens, halloween to potlucks, they never disappoint. My friend Brittany’s party was […]

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Happy Birthday Joshua!

This is Joshua. He is the worst and the best, the calm and the storm, the problem and the cause. All in all, he is one of my very closest friends. He is the most rational person I know and will only give me honest answers- which I can thank and hate him for. Joshua […]

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