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Midnight Muffins: Cinnamon Chip

All is right with the world when you have muffins. I didn’t really plan on making these but I picked up some Cinnamon Baking Chips I found at Publix that looked intriguing. I had never seen them before and could only imaging baking chips of the chocolate, butterscotch or toffee varieties. I dreamt of all […]

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Study Break: Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Need an easy late night snack to keep you through those all-nighters studying for tomorrow’s finals? Our house is currently up until the wee hours perfecting art projects and looking over class notes and I thought we needed a little pick-me-up. These cookies are light and tasty and really easy to make for your friends, […]

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Collegiate Creative Thanksgiving: How to Throw a Fakesgiving

Thanksgiving is for family, but while away at school your friends are your family. That’s why it’s a great idea to have your own Thanksgiving with friends a week before the actual Turkey Day! I gathered up my friends last Thursday night for a really wonderful dinner and asked them all to bring one traditional […]

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