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Late Night Snack at 10:00

Living on a college campus, I’ve realized that when I go to the mall or Walmart or anything like that, there are so many kids. Everywhere. The only kids I actually enjoy being around are the Cowan kids in Georgia and I can’t even say that when they are screaming :). I used to live […]

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Tis the Season for Pumpkin

South Florida is awful for a couple reasons: Everyone but me is an awful driver All stores are located in a strip mall Palm Trees are considered “classy” But the most important reason why South Florida sucks? No seasons. Up in beautiful Tallahassee, we are graced with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! A cold front […]

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The Balanced Side

I’ve realized that I’ve been eating more and more like a vegetarian because I’m too lazy to think about cooking meat. When I go shopping, the ground turkey and chicken breasts go straight into the freezer because ordering chinese with friends sounds more fun than spending time in front of the stove. But, see, Mac […]

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