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A Collegiate Creative Thanksgiving: Pie Forever

Pie is good for you. It’s one of the healthiest food groups, didn’t you hear that they updated the food pyramid? This Thanksgiving was so delightful and delicious- complete with 70 degree weather, a full house and three pies. All different types- Pecan, Pumpkin and Apple. Classic, yet each had their own special something. Check […]

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A Collegiate Creative Thanksgiving: Simply Mashed Potatoes

This is Ariane, my wonderful, wonderful roommate. She makes the most wonderful mac n’ cheese and can not get enough garlic in anything she eats. She made these unbelievable mashed potatoes for Fakesgiving and it’s probably a good thing she didn’t reveal how much butter she actually put in them until now. These were the […]

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Collegiate Creative Thanksgiving: How to Throw a Fakesgiving

Thanksgiving is for family, but while away at school your friends are your family. That’s why it’s a great idea to have your own Thanksgiving with friends a week before the actual Turkey Day! I gathered up my friends last Thursday night for a really wonderful dinner and asked them all to bring one traditional […]

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