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April is for Showers, June is for Downpours: Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce

In Florida, rain during the summer is a part of life. Rain boots are a must, the mini umbrella is a staple in most packpacks, and the freak monsoon is never too unexpected. See, unlike most, I’m a fan of rainy days- my bed is comfy and Mad Men keeps me company. In order to […]

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Back from Break: Easy Quinoa Toss

I’ll start off by saying that I know that I am an awful, horrible human being for deserting this blog for the past two weeks! I had a wonderful holiday in California and Colorado visiting a whole bunch of family and having a great time- I got to see the sand and snow 🙂 Of […]

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Cozytime and Christmas Trees: Orzo and Tomato Soup

Bring on the winter! I am so ready for the cold. My mommy bought me a cute new sweater, I just made a lovely pot of soup and we spent the evening decorating a cute three-foot plastic fir! I love winter- everyone looks good in winter clothes and the Starbucks drinks are so glorious. So […]

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