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ConGRADulations!: Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins

My sister graduated from high school last week! It’s pretty crazy to think about everyone growing up, especially when I have this complex that I am staying the same age while everyone around me is getting older! I’m halfway through college now but it feels like years ago that I was in Emily’s position, throwing […]

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Holiday Decadence: Pomegranate White Chocolate Cupcakes

During the holidays, calories don’t exist. The holidays are for food, family and presents and I really enjoy buying and making for people. Especially since finals are over and winter break has officially started, baking seems like the ideal way to pass the time. I know I have been neglecting Collegiate Creative lately, but blame […]

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A Pumpkin Party Is No Fun Without Some Blondies

When Fall rolls around, the scarves come out, the drinks get hotter and the baked goods and soups are plentiful. Brace yourself, Collegiate Creatives, the soup and the baked goods will be plentiful. Last night, I was invited to a Pumpkin- themed party. You were asked to bring food with pumpkin, dress up as a pumpkin […]

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